Problems can’t be solved until they are understood. Graduated a double major in Marketing and Business Management, Rob Walker has been effectively blending art and commerce for 20 years. This combination of education and experience has equipped THE WALKER GROUP to deliver on target solutions when facing the complex problems of advertising and marketing in today’s fast paced world.

In the process of completing thousands of projects over a two-decade period, we have established strong working relationships with a network of excellent creative talent and service vendors. This allows us to create a team unique to your needs. Each vendor has a track record of superior talent and proven channels of communication with THE WALKER GROUP. This translates into direct benefits to you, resulting in a superior final product as well as significant savings in time and capital.

THE WALKER GROUP has the ability, experience and contacts to effectively coordinate each unique portion of your project—tailoring our team to your special needs. In a world of instant communication THE WALKER GROUP has the ability to work effectively with vendors and clients without geographic limitations. Let us create a winning combination for your next project. We are always available either face to face or on-line. Why not call and arrange to talk to the advertising group that brings you solutions?

Well versed in the creation and facilitation of hand-picked teams, THE WALKER GROUP will work with your existing staff or supply a turn key solution for your marketing and advertising needs. We will use our 20 years of experience to select the right vendor. Whether it’s design, layout, or printing, we will make your job flow smoothly, on schedule, and on budget. Isn’t it time you talked with THE WALKER GROUP?

The trust our clients place in us is their greatest compliment. We are thought of as an integral part of each project; as part of the solution and not the problem; as an asset and not an expense. This trust has allowed us to prove our abilities and demonstrate our integrity. Our best references are always our clients.